Watch: Roy Keane Gives Embarrassing Defence Of Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch: Roy Keane Gives Embarrassing Defence Of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Roy Keane has never been shy to criticise players in his role as a pundit. There are countless examples of the Irishman tearing down huge stars on live television, often looks like he is taking pleasure in doing so.

That is what makes this so remarkable.

There is no defending what Cristiano Ronaldo did in midweek. Not only did he storm down the tunnel before Manchester United's game against Spurs had ended, he even refused to come on as a late substitute just before that.

He has rightly been punished by the club as a result, something he can have no complaints about. He has also lost plenty of supporters as a result, but Keane is still firmly behind him.

Roy Keane gives impassioned Cristiano Ronaldo defence

Roy Keane was in the punditry studio for United's game against Spurs this evening and when asked about Ronaldo's antics, he gave an absolutely ridiculous reply.

Speaking on Sky Sports, he refused to condemn the forward for the way he behaved and backed him profusely. It was a bit embarrassing to listen to.

🗣️ "Players have done a lot worse at Manchester United"

Roy Keane has his say on Cristiano Ronaldo 💬

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) October 22, 2022

The manager has made a decision to leave him out, he was disappointed that Ronaldo didn't want to go on even if it was the 87th or 88th minute and the fact that he walked down the tunnel. He has been punished for it.

I try to see it from a player's point of view. He's obviously had enough, he has lot the head. I think it has been brewing now for the last few weeks with Ronaldo.

I will still try to defend him. I still think he is a human being and has flaws, he is frustrated that he hasn't been getting opportunities. He has had enough and walked down the tunnel, I think players have done a lot worse at Man United. It happens, it's human nature.

Everyone was saying after the game that they beat Spurs and it was a big win and best performance in years? Absolute rubbish, Spurs were terrible. Man United managed to beat Spurs last year at home when Ronaldo got a hat-trick, so he was more than capable of getting on that pitch and making a difference.

He has to take his punishment. Is there a way back for him? I'm not sure. I think his behaviour over the last week and even when he refused to go on the other night, I'd be more worried if he was sitting on the bench every week laughing his head off and not caring. I think the guy cares.

I've said it before, this game is full of bluffers. He's certainly not one of them. He cares about the club, he wants to play and needs to play. He's a world class player. People are saying he's not the player he was ten years ago, of course he's not, but he was the leading goalscorer last season for Man United.

He went back last year to a really ban Man United team and was still the leading goalscorer. In the last few weeks he has been frustrated after the the City game, the Everton game where he was a sub and came on and scored, he was taken off against Newcastle. The manager then wants to bring him on for a few minutes?

They asked the manager in the press conference the other day about Ronaldo refusing to come on, but they should ask him when he was going to put him on. Was it late in the game with two or three minutes to go? I'm not too sure that was a clever move.

He has got to take his medicine, he has done something he shouldn't have done. Will he get back into the United team before the World Cup? I don't see it.

This is nonsense from Roy Keane.


He says Ronaldo cares about the club, but his actions clearly showed he only cared about his own image. Were the club his main concern, he wouldn't have stormed down the tunnel like a petulant child as the team strolled to their most impressive victory of the season.

The Cork man's punditry is great to watch at times, but this was one of his lower moments.

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