The Masked Singer winner Rhino unmasked as Charlie Simpson in epic finale

The Masked Singer winner Rhino unmasked as Charlie Simpson in epic finale

Updated: 1 month, 14 hours, 52 minutes, 27 seconds ago

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The Masked Singer 2023 has come to its epic conclusion as Rhino took home the crown before being unmasked as Busted's Charlie Simpson.

After judges Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, and Mo Gilligan put in last-minute guesses for Jason Orange, George Ezra and James Arthur, it was soon revealed that it was in fact Busted frontman, Charlie Simpson.

As host Joel Dommett told Charlie he was a huge fan, he revealed at the start of the show that he had actually written his name down on a piece of paper, guessing who Rhino was. Explaining a clue related to a mug, Charlie told Jonathan: "The first time we went on your show, Jonathan, you gave us a mug each, me, Matt and James. And it had our faces engraved on it."

Charlie Simpson won The Masked Singer 2023

(Image: ITV)

Jonathan revealed him and his children painted their faces on mugs, attempting to make them as unflattering as possible, he said.

Reflecting on the experience, Charlie added: "I was terrified the entire time. The thing I was scared most of was remembering lyrics. I often forget lyrics to my own songs on stage, so Try, the last version of Try I did, was the only time I didn't really think about it and I tried to enjoy it."

Busted's Charlie singing as Rhino

(Image: ITV)

Joel asked if at any point Charlie thought he'd win. The Busted singer said: "No, I was just like 'remember the lyrics and have fun'."

Fawn, Rhino, and Pheonix all battled it out on Saturday night's grand finale as fans eagerly guessed who was underneath the mask. The first to be unmasked was Fawn, as 90s pop icon Natalie Appleton was revealed to be behind the mask.

All Saints singer Natalie Appleton was Fawn

(Image: ITV)

The All Saints singer, 49, came in third place on the show, leaving Rhino and Phoenix to battle it out to be crowned the winner of the series. The judges were left shocked when Natalie took her mask off, with no one guessing her throughout the series.

Rita Ora exclaimed: "We were so close!" as Davina McCall added: "You absolutely had us all flummoxed, and that is quite something. Well done, that is so good."

Coming in second place was Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson, who left the judging panel stunned, especially Rita. "There's no way," she exclaimed, shocked that she didn't know his voice after doing a "whole show together" - The Voice.

"This is not fair, I'm never going to forgive you ever again," Rita added. Ricky said: "David Tennant I'm very pleased with that. Yeah, I'm a bit sad I'm not David Tennant either."

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson as Phoenix

(Image: ITV)

"The swing album will be available by Christmas," Ricky jokes, after Davina likened him to Michael Bublé. Speaking of choosing the music genres he did, the frontman said: "It was really difficult" to not sing in his usual voice. It gets quite infectious, you really want to win it."

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