Teams down: video conferencing offline for many following major Microsoft 365 outage

Teams down: video conferencing offline for many following major Microsoft 365 outage

Updated: 5 days, 17 hours, 26 minutes, 37 seconds ago


Outage reports are continuing to fall on DownDetector (opens in new tab), but some new complaints are beginning to surface.

As the US comes online, it may be that the issues re-arise, or even worsen - we've certainly seen that happen before.

Microsoft is now saying that its fix is taking hold, with some previosuly affected users now able to access the tools they need.

"We’ve identified that a wide-area networking (WAN) routing change caused impact to the service. We’ve rolled back the change and monitoring the service as it recovers. Some of the customers who had previously reported impact are also reporting recovery," it noted on the Service Health Status page.

It's all gone very quiet on the Microsoft side, but DownDetector is still showing hundreds of complaints across Microsoft 365 as a whole, along with Teams and Outlook issues, so we're guessing the fix hasn't fully kicked in yet.

On its Service Health Status page (opens in new tab), Microsoft has extended the list of affected services, with some new entries:

Microsoft Teams Exchange OnlineOutlook SharePoint Online OneDrive for Business Microsoft Graph PowerBi M365 Admin Portal Microsoft IntuneMicrosoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Microsoft Defender for Identity

More possible progress - the particular Microsoft 365 gremlin appears to have been identified...

We've rolled back a network change that we believe is causing impact. We're monitoring the service as the rollback takes effect.January 25, 2023

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Another update (opens in new tab) from Microsoft, which says it's identified the cause of the issue now.

"We’ve isolated the problem to a networking configuration issue, and we are analyzing the best mitigation strategy to address it without causing additional impact. We’ll provide more information once we have additional information."

It adds that some users will still be unable to access services such as Teams and Outlook, but that it is working on a fix.

For anyone still being affected by this issue, there could be good news soon.

Although there's been no official confirmation, the Microsoft 365 service status page (opens in new tab) is showing no issues any more, with the cheery note that "everything is up and running".

Outage reports are also falling on DownDetector following a massive spike earlier today - but until we've had an official tweet from Microsoft, it might not be worth getting carried away just yet....

As that tweet mentioned, users can see more information on the official Microsoft 365 "Service Health Status" page.

It doesn't make for particularly good reading right now though...

"Users may be unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services," the alert reads, noting that the following services are affected:

Microsoft TeamsExchange OnlineOutlookSharePoint OnlineOneDrive for BusinessMicrosoft Graph

"We've identified a potential networking issue and are reviewing telemetry to determine the next troubleshooting steps," it adds, noting any user serviced by the affected infrastructure may be unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services.

More information from Microsoft - seems it has found the cause of the problem, but things aren't fixed just yet.

We've identified a potential networking issue and are reviewing telemetry to determine the next troubleshooting steps. You can find additional information on our status page at or on SHD under MO502273.January 25, 2023

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The good news is that Microsoft does appear to have noted the problem, so a fix may not be too far off.

"We're investigating issues impacting multiple Microsoft 365 services. More info can be found in the admin center under MO502273," the Microsoft 365 Status twitter account said (opens in new tab).

Good morning - if you're just logging on for work and having problems with Microsoft 365 - you aren't alone.

The platform is seeing widespread issues, with users across Europe and Asia unable to access a number of services, including Microsoft Teams and Outlook.