Sturgeon fuming over accusations she is ‘obsessed’ with IndyRef2

Sturgeon fuming over accusations she is ‘obsessed’ with IndyRef2

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Douglas Ross clashes with Nicola Sturgeon over IndyRef2

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Nicola Sturgeon has been left fuming as she was accused of being “obsessed” with a second independence referendum event though it would cause “permanent economic chaos” in Scotland. Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said the First Minister was prepared to “wreck the economy” for the sake of another vote on the union, adding, in light of comments by European officials that Scotland would not be allowed to join the EU unless they adopted the euro currency, that she would leave Scotland “permanently isolated”.

Mr Ross was reacting to Ms Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party’s latest blueprint for leaving the United Kingdom, which has been heavily criticised, and he suggested it proved there was “no economic case for the referendum” and that she had lied to the Scottish people about what currency they would use. 


Mr Ross said: “This is a First Minister who has the biggest ever block grant for the United Kingdom Government. [She has] £41billion to spend yet she criticises every element on it. 

“But the First Minister’s plan to escape contemporary issues of the past month is to create permanent chaos with jobs, mortgages, pensions and public services. 

“Rishi Sunak is fixing recent mistakes. The First Minister would wreck our economy for good. Nicola Sturgeon wants permanent austerity. 

“Nicola Sturgeon wants permanent higher taxes. Nicola Sturgeon wants permanent economic chaos.

Nicola Sturgeon left fuming after being accused of being "obsessed" with IndryRef2

Douglas Ross accused Sturgeon of lying to the Scottish people over her exit plan

“And if she ever gets her way, we have heard today from European officials that she would leave us permanently isolated. 

“Even if she will not admit it, the truth is there is no economic case for the referendum she wants to hold in just 12 months time. 

“First Minister, Scotland rejected your plans for separation in 2014. Now, your new proposals have been torn up by the European Union. 

“Is it not time to drop your obsession [with IndyRef2] and focus on people, businesses and communities right across Scotland?” 

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An independent Scotland could prove expensive for the Scottish people

Ms Sturgeon, in her latest economic blueprint for separation, said Scotland would switch from sterling to a Scottish pound if they were to leave the United Kingdom. 

Addressing the question of whether Scotland would adopt the European Union’s single currency, she said that the euro was “not the right option for Scotland”. 

But European officials, in comments reported this morning, said that all EU countries had to commit to the single currency. 

Speaking to The Times, an unnamed EU source said it would be “no euro, no entry” for an independent Scotland, with another three reported to have backed the view.

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Nicola Sturgeon cited David Cameron's thinking on not using the euro currency