Sturgeon 'anti-British propaganda' behind attack on Armistice Day

Sturgeon 'anti-British propaganda' behind attack on Armistice Day

Updated: 11 days, 23 hours, 8 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Remembrance Day vandalism due to 'years of disunity' says Smith

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The vandalised Remembrance Day displays, which have come under attack across nations of the United Kingdom, have drawn the ire of organisers and armistice attendees. Poppy wreaths made by veterans were set on fire at the Edinburgh war memorial, Scotland, in a disturbing act of vandalism. A columnist accused Nicola Sturgeon's SNP's "anti-British propaganda" of being responsible for the senseless acts of vandalism.

Samantha Smith told GB News: "I think that something like this has been a long time coming. 

"This is the result of years and years of anti-British propaganda, disunity and disinformation perpetrated by the so-called progressive left - particularly in Scotland which we've seen with the Edinburgh war memorial. 

"I'd say the responsibility falls on the feet of the SNP.

"Last week, we saw poppies being warned by SNP's members of Parliament, members of the Scottish Parliament saying 'Vote yes' and flying completely in the face of what Remembrance Day is in terms to be about remembering the brave men and women that gave their lives fighting for our freedom now and our democracy."

Samanta Smith accused Nicola Sturgeon's SNP of fomenting 'anti-British' sentiment

Samanta Smith attacked Nicola Sturgeon's SNP on GB Nes

Ms Smith said: "The SNP and other so-called progressives be kind brigade that we know and love so much, have desecrated every aspect of our history and our national identity.

"Nothing is safe. We've seen statues, museums, and memorials all targeted by vandalists and arsonists."

Ms Sturgeon condemned the attack on the memorial as "sickening and disgraceful": "Utterly beyond comprehension that someone would vandalise a war memorial on Remembrance Day - sickening and disgraceful.

"I hope those responsible are identified and brought to justice."

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A war memorial in Edinburgh was targeted by acts of vandalism

War memorials came under attack across the country

The attack came days after an SNP MSP came under fire after using a remembrance poppy to make the case for Scottish independence. Michelle Thomson was pictured wearing a homemade white poppy badge covered up with a "Yes" to independence sticker in Holyrood. 

Critics accused the Falkirk East MSP of committing "tacky and tasteless" actions, with veterans branding her move as an "insult" to veterans just three days before Remembrance Day.

The SNP politician insisted she never meant to cause offence and said she only attached the 'yes' badge to keep her poppy on as she didn't have a safety pin.

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Nicola Sturgeon's SNP was accused of fuelling up 'anti-British propaganda'