Strictly Come Dancing's Tess Daly slammed for 'condescending' comments at end of show despite outfit praise

Strictly Come Dancing's Tess Daly slammed for 'condescending' comments at end of show despite outfit praise

Updated: 3 months, 6 days, 14 hours, 52 minutes, 43 seconds ago

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Strictly Come Dancing viewers hit out at host Tess Daly during Sunday night's results show after the remarks she made at the end of the dance-off.

Despite Tess wowing fans in an unusual red dress, many hit out at the presenter with some even asking for her to be replaced with Angela Rippon.

The row centred around comments Tess made to eliminated dancer Jayde Adams moments after she found out that she and pro partner Karen Hauer had lost the dance-off to Molly and Carlos and would be sent home.

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Tess Daly told Jayde Adams and Karen Hauer as the pair were voted off: "We have genuinely loved having you.

"We're really going to miss you. Thank you for taking part in Strictly Come Dancing 2022. And I don't want to say this, you know I don't! But off you go and take your place for one last dance."

Tess Daly on Strictly Come Dancing's results show on Sunday

(Image: BBC)

And Tess' unusual 'Fifth Element' dress drew comments with some praising her beauty and others slamming it as a 'train crash'.

@Ian_Reynolds87 said: "Tess Daley is dressed as Knights Templar flag #Strictly"

@wibblythecat said: "Tess in another train crash of a dress"

@kiramadeira said: "Tess looks good! #Strictly"

@howardbatey said: "Tess going all Fifth Element here"

@felicefan said: "What the f*** is Tess wearing?"

But it was the way Tess spoke to Jayde that had viewers talking the most.

@alexr_241 said: "The way Tess speaks to the celebrities as if they are children #Strictly"

@purlyqueen said: "Is there a petition to replace Tess with Angela Rippon on #Strictly"

@francescajayne said: "Tess condescending every contestant makes me want to put my foot through the TV #Strictly"

@theproperKP said: "When do we get to vote Tess off?"

Jayde Adams and Karen Hauer got emotional as they were sent home

(Image: BBC)

@brattybarbi said: "Obsessed with how Tess and Claude literally malfunction if anyone goes off script #Strictly"

Not everyone was against Tess though, with some viewers backing the host in the face of criticism.

@sunnyflower said: "Tess Daly dresses last night and tonight are gorgeous . At last someone dressing her as the beautiful lady she is . Absolutely stunning I want both. Vernon Kaye is a lucky man !"

@jessmum said: "Tess is looking good this season, must have made friends with the Wardrobe dept #Strictly"

@disabilitydiva said: "Lovin' Tess's frock! #Strictly"

Jadye Adams and Karen Hauer lost out to Molly Rainford and Carlos Gu in the dance off, with the judges unanimously choosing to save Molly and Carlos.

But there were many who felt it was a different Adams who should have departed - with many blasting the public for saving Tony Adams again.

Strictly Come Dancing returns next Saturday, October 30 on BBC1.

Strictly It Takes Two is back on Monday, October 24 at 6.30pm on BBC2.

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