SNP loses Indyref2 support as MP sparks fiery on air row

SNP loses Indyref2 support as MP sparks fiery on air row

Updated: 3 months, 8 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes, 1 second ago

IndyRef2: Lib Dem and SNP MPs clash over second vote

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In another argument for Scottish independence, Mr Nicolson hit out at the chaos in the Conservative party over the past few days. But his comments sparked a row over the UK's relationship with the European Union. Speaking to BBC Scotland's The Nine, he said: "What this pantomime farce shows us yet again is that we shouldn't have to wait every 10 or 20 years for people south of the border to decide they want a more competent Government.

"We should elect a Government we want every general election and get back into the European Union."

Ms Jardine interjected: "I find that offensive, John."

The SNP MP continued: "I find it offensive that you've dropped your commitment to the European Union which you used to be so proudly in favour of."

Ms Jardine added: "My party has never dropped its commitment to the European Union. We have said we want to be as close to Europe as possible."

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SNP's John Nicolson "offended" Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine

Mr Nicolson hit out at the chaos in the Conservative party over the past few days

Mr Nicolson hit back: "That's a different thing, we want back in the European Union!"

It comes as the First Minister has been urged to publish any economic modelling done of the impact of border checks with England after independence.

Nicola Sturgeon outlined her Government's proposals for the economy in a post-independence Scotland on Monday, including some detail about the border between Scotland and England.

While border arrangements will be subject to negotiations between the two nations, Scotland re-joining the EU - one of the Scottish Government's key objectives - would complicate border crossings.

BBCQT: SNP challenged over independence claims

In the third paper in a series designed to refresh the prospectus for independence, the First Minister said there would be checks on two major trunk roads between Scotland and England - the A1 and the M6 (M74).

But she added that the Scottish Government would seek to simplify the process of border checks by striking an agreement with the UK that would mean goods would only need to be checked once - similar to an agreement between Norway and Sweden.

Scottish Tory economy spokeswoman Liz Smith has urged the Scottish Government to publish modelling on the economic impact of border checks.

It is not clear if such modelling has been done by ministers.


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Scottish independence cost

"Nicola Sturgeon is clueless about the impact a hard border would have on businesses and communities right across Scotland," Ms Smith said.

"Her latest wafer-thin economic case for independence had no answers on what this would mean for our border communities, the people that routinely travel across the border every day and Scottish businesses who trade with the rest of the United Kingdom.

"Nicola Sturgeon is putting her own selfish obsession of relentlessly pursuing independence rather than outlining the economic costs of what a hard border would mean.

"That is a complete dereliction of duty. Nicola Sturgeon should urgently reveal the SNP's own economic modelling on a hard border and the reality of what it would mean in practice."