Slick Barrier Net Worth: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Slick Barrier Net Worth: What Happened After Shark Tank?

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his liquid.Slick Barrier is a pest control product. By putting this slippery barrier liquid on the house wall, bugs can’t get inside. This is an innovative product that makes it easy to get rid of pests. All kinds of bugs won’t be able to get into the house if you use t

Tony Gonzales and Aaron Gonzales came up with the idea for Slick Barrier Products. They came up with this patent-protected, ground-breaking barrier system to stop bugs from getting into your home. This pest control product is not at all like pesticides, because it keeps bugs from coming into the house instead of killing them.

Aaron and his wife bought a house in Arizona without knowing that Arizona Bark Scorpions were a big problem there. They tried to get rid of scorpions by using pest control methods, but this didn’t help at all.

Aaron was bitten by a scorpion one day, and his parents were worried about his safety, so they decided to sell the house. Aaron realised one day that most pests can’t climb smooth surfaces, so he made the Physical Slick Barrier. Tony also had problems with Scorpion, so he decided to work with Aaron.

Aaron and Tony, the two co-founders, went on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 13 and asked for “$” from the sharks. This episode of Shark Tank will air on January 27, 2023, and it will feature three companies: FryAway, AnyTongs, and Copy Keyboard

What Exactly is Slick Barrier Pest Control?

Slick Barrier is a liquid pesticide that makes a smooth surface on the wall and keeps pests from getting over it. Most are pests that can’t cross smooth surfaces, like spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, ants, and more.

Slick Barrier is a water-based VOC product that is good for the environment and doesn’t have any pesticides in it. Their system to keep pests away was tested at Texas A&M University and showed that it worked perfectly.

This product has two liquid top coats that are both water-based and slick barrier ultra. You can paint this liquid on the wall, but it is best to do so while wearing gloves. A starter kit costs $99, and an annual subscription costs $49.50.

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Who Founded Slick Barrier?

Tony Gonzales and Aaron Gonzales are the co-founders of Slick Barrier. They worked with many chemists and manufacturers to figure out how to make this product. Tony got his law degree from Arizona State University. For 13 years, he worked as a law partner at the Garcia & Gonzales Law Firm.

He began Scorpion Ripple Company in 2016. In January 2021, he helped start the Averzion Company with another person. After he graduated from the University of Phoenix, Aaron worked at Verizon Wireless for 5 years in different jobs. In June of 2017, he opened a business called 95 Applications LLC. In 2021, he joined Scorpion Ripple as a partner.

Slick Barrier Before Shark Tank

The idea for the barrier system came up in 2013, but in 2018 Tony and Aarons connected Slick Barrier Products with 95 Applications LLC Company. Tony and Aaron both had bugs in their bodies and got stung by scorpions. Scorpions threaten their home and family, so they have to keep them away. So, they spent a long time working with chemists and manufacturers to figure out how to make the barrier system.

Aaron and his wife Melissa bought a house in Arizona, but the pests have made them want to sell it. Both Tony and Aaron’s families had problems with bugs, so they came up with the Slick Barrier to get rid of them. After the product was made, it was tried out at Texas A&M University and New Mexico State University. Both universities found that the product worked to stop the pest.

They got a patent for the Pest Barrier System in 2021, and they are still working on two other patents. They started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on May 31, 2022, and it ran for 59 days. After getting $897, they ended the campaign. After ending the campaign, they said the product would be sent to 9 backers by the middle of July 2022.

This episode of Shark Tank from season 14 aired on January 27, 2023. After the episode aired, thousands of people went to the website for the product. Tony and Aaron talk about their product and how they came up with the idea for it on Shark Tank. They also say how much money they’ve made from the product. We’re keeping an eye on Tony Gonzales, Aaron Gonzales, and their company for more news.


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What is Slick Barrier’s Total Worth?

It is thought that Slick Barrier is worth $1 million. Arizona has a lot of pests, like scorpions, ants, termites, spiders, and more, so pest problems are common there. The Arizona Bark Scorpion is dangerous to people’s health, and sometimes it kills them.

Pesticides are used to get rid of bugs, but they have a lot of effects on human health. The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States says that pesticides are bad for the nervous system.

Is Slick Barrier Still In Business?

The idea for barrier system came to me in 2013, and I was able to start selling it in 2018. Tony and Aaron both agreed that they would work together to move this business forward. Tony and Aaron talked about their products, including KOB 4 & More, in an interview that aired on 12 or more news channels.

The head office of Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing, according to its Linkedin profile, is in Gilbert, Arizona, and the company works for 2–10 days. Yes, as of January 2023, Slick Barrier is still in business.

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