Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum Twitter Review: Mirchi Shiva's Romantic Comedy Creates Great Hype!

Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum Twitter Review: Mirchi Shiva's Romantic Comedy Creates Great Hype!

Updated: 1 month, 4 days, 1 hour, 47 minutes, 51 seconds ago
Mirchi Shiva

Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum movie starring Mirchi Shiva and Mega Akash is releasing today. The film created great expectation among fans for the trademark fun acting of Mirchi Shiva.

Produced by Lark Studios, the movie 'Single Shankar and Smartphone Simran' stars Mirchi Siva as the protagonist. Debutant director Vignesh Sha has directed the film. The film also stars Anju Kurian, MaKaPa Anand, Shah Ra along with playback singer Mano. The press meet of the film was held in Chennai recently.

The film's director Vignesh Sha said, "In 2016, I directed a short film called 'iPhone Sriyum Ayanavaram Raviyum'. That short film is currently being made into a film with the name 'Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum'. The main reason for this is producer Kumar. Everyone has a talent. That talent will emerge only if given an opportunity. Thanks to the producer for giving me this opportunity."

Singer Mano said, "After acting in 'Singharavelan', musician Ilayaraja called me and said, 'If you go back to acting, songs will not be waiting for you.' During the shooting of 'Singharavelan', Kamal Haasan once visited the shooting at six o'clock. Director Udayakumar did not inform me of this information. I then reached the shooting spot 15 minutes late. Everyone on the set said 'Salute'. From the next day I went half an hour earlier to the shooting spot. But in this film I will leave half an hour before the scheduled time. The film's hero, Mirchi Siva, followed the same style. The film will be a huge hit." he said.

The hero of the film, Mirchi Siva, said, "Director Vignesh Sha narrated the story on phone. A food delivery worker gets a smart phone with artificial intelligence. How does his life change after that? He gets everything he wants. An emotional connection develops between him and the phone. After that what is the solution? There is a screenplay. It is new. 'Who is acting in this film?' I asked. He said, 'Megha Akash is acting'. After going to the shooting location, he said, 'You are Shankar and she is Simran', I said yes, and asked, 'Where is Simran?' They brought a phone and gave it to me. I thought Megha Akash will come tomorrow. But till the end of the shooting, I have never seen her in person.

A thousand people gathered while filming a song for this film. Because I danced to this song for the first time. I am thankful to Choreographer Sandy for this. So far Singer Mano has sung twenty six thousand songs. He is a great asset to the Tamil film industry. When performing with him, I would ask him to sit next to me and sing his songs in the break time.

He also sings tirelessly and cheers everyone up. Following this, he will bring lunch from his house and serve it to the film crew to show his hospitality. This is why I want to act with him in all his films. In this movie, he brings out the childishness that we all miss. I hope all the fans will like it."