Piers Morgan won’t ‘play the victim’ as he opens up on father’s death

Piers Morgan won’t ‘play the victim’ as he opens up on father’s death

Updated: 5 days, 12 hours, 54 seconds ago

Piers Morgan has opened up on the death of his biological father

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TalkTV host Piers Morgan opened up on the loss of his father when he was just one-year-old. The former Good Morning Britain was raised by Glynne Pughe-Morgan after his mother Gabrielle remarried following Piers’ biological father’s death. Piers claimed he won’t “play the victim” as he discussed the tragedy on the Big Fish with Spencer Matthews podcast.

Piers stressed the importance of resilience when dealing with adversity.

He said: “I think we need to get back to a place where we instil in people a stronger streak of resilience to deal with what life throws at you.

“Life is tough… My father died when I was one, I wouldn’t say I never talk about it I do talk about it but I don’t go into any great detail.

“I’m certainly not going to sit here and play the victim.”

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Piers Morgan was raised by Glynne Pughe-Morgan after her mum remarried following his father's death

Piers Morgan told Spencer Matthews he won't "play the victim"


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“I’m certainly an advocate for talking about resilience…it’s one of the main topics that we discuss on Big Fish your opinion on success which I’d like to come onto later but also resilience and how you work through tough times to grow and become the person you are,” Spencer replied.

The TalkTV host revealed he “counts to 10” when it finds himself in challenging situations.

“Whatever it is, no matter how bad it is count to 10,” Piers remarked.

“I’m talking about some bad stuff sometimes. You get to 10 deep breath, crack on.”

Piers Morgan’s biological father Eamonn Vincent O’Meara died when the TalkTV host was one-year-old

“You can’t feel sorry for yourself all the time, this victimhood cult that has developed in the last 10 years is pathetic and it’s so self-defeating.

“Unfortunately, the young brigade gravitate towards it because they see it’s successful.

“They see Harry and Meghan in their million dollar mansion in California playing the victim and they think, ‘They are, they’ve been so badly treated poor Meghan and Harry’.

“Whereas I think you spoilt little brats living in your mansion trashing your family…”



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Piers’ biological father Eamonn Vincent O’Meara died when the TalkTV host was one-year-old.

The presenter’s mum Gabrielle subsequently married Glynne Pughe-Morgan.

Speaking about his family history at the Irish Post Awards in 2019, Piers said: “My father was Eamonn Vincent O’Meara and he died when I just one.

“He came from Galway and he had a sister who moved to Offaly and a lot of cousins in Dublin. So I feel very Irish.”

Big Fish with Spencer Matthews is available to stream on all podcast platforms.