Phoenix Suns: Saben Lee 'grateful' as second 10-day expires Monday

Phoenix Suns: Saben Lee 'grateful' as second 10-day expires Monday

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Phoenix Suns: Saben Lee 'grateful' as second 10-day expires Monday

Phoenix Suns point guard Saben Lee has provided more than most do on 10-day contracts.

“He brings a lot of toughness at that position and just a spark,” Suns big Jock Landale said. “I think he’s been such a positive spark for the group, in the locker room, on the court. There’s never a bad day for him.”

The Corona del Sol graduate is on the final day of his second 10-day Monday against Toronto at Footprint Center. Averaging 7.8 points and shooting 50% from 3 in his nine games with the Suns, Lee arrived when the team was extremely short-handed, but posted four straight double-figure scoring efforts.

“It’s been really good,” Lee said. “Being able to make strides on and off the court. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here the past 20 days. Able to get a good amount of playing time as well.”  

The Suns have gotten starting point guard Chris Paul (hip) and forward Cam Johnson (knee) back during this recent stretch, but Lee continued to see action as a backup point guard.

They went 5-4 the nine games Lee has played, winning five of the last six.

“At the time we got him, we were in a bit of a slump,” Landale continued. “He came in and brought a little life to the group. On top of that, he’s been huge on the court. He’s had some massive games. For us to kind of have him come into the fold at a time of need I think has been massive for us. He’s kind of earned himself into a nice little spot. Now he’s in the rotation as a 10-day contract player.”    

The Suns have to sign Lee for the remainder of the season to keep him.

“That’s not something I can control,” said Lee, who is in his third NBA season. “It’s tough to try and worry about something you can’t control. So I just go out there and play and compete and I just try to do what the coaching staff asks me to do.”

Lee joined the team Jan. 11 at Denver and played the same day. He scored a season-high 15 to go along with a season-high six assists in an 117-112 victory Jan. 19 over Brooklyn to begin a four-game win streak.

He admitted to having to adjust to Phoenix’s defensive coverage schemes, but Suns coach Monty Williams liked Lee’s defense going back to training camp when Lee was a camp invite.

“That was my growth in my time here,” Lee said.

Lee also has gained knowledge from Paul, who he said has talked with him throughout his time with the team.

Paul has worked with Lee on running the pick-and-roll and provided him “some little tricks” on playing defense, Lee said.

“I’m grateful for his wisdom and his willingness to help me along as well,” Lee said.

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