MP Paul Holmes backs Eastleigh College over ‘incorrect’ Ofsted report

MP Paul Holmes backs Eastleigh College over ‘incorrect’ Ofsted report

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The MP for Eastleigh has sided with the town's college over an "incorrect" Ofsted report.

Last week Eastleigh College released a statement on their website calling the findings of October’s Ofsted inspection “incorrect”.

Inspectors gave a rating of “requires improvement” but Eastleigh MP, Paul Holmes, is backing the college over their rebuttal of the report.

Mr Holmes, told The Echo: “I am proud of the important role that Eastleigh College plays in my constituency.

“The college has previously shared with me the concerns regarding the October Ofsted inspection process, and I am committed to supporting them to pursue their concerns through Ofsted’s published complaints procedure.

“I was disappointed to hear given the level of concern that Ofsted published multiple incorrect reports last week, which is worrying and clearly unacceptable. 

“The college delivers consistently high-quality provision for young people, adults, and employers whilst in recent years also working hard to reduce subcontracted provision to comply with funding and policy changes.”

While the Ofsted inspectors found Eastleigh College to be good in many areas, the report concluded that both apprenticeships and leadership and management required improvement.

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The report stated: “Apprenticeship teachers do not use assessment outcomes well enough to adapt teaching, set effective targets and provide feedback which sets out what it is that apprentices need to do to improve.

“As a result, too many apprentices do not complete their apprenticeship within the anticipated time.

“However, employers recognise the positive impact that their apprentices have in the workplace.

“Managers and teachers do not ensure all employers are routinely involved in apprentices’ progress reviews.

“Consequently, apprentices are not always aware of the progress they are making.

“Not all apprentices have the support they require to make expected and sustained progress.”

The report continued: “Leaders’ and managers’ oversight of the whereabouts and well-being of children looked after, and care leavers was limited at the time of the inspection.

“Consequently, there is insufficient oversight, support or challenge for the safeguarding and support of these learners.”

In their own statement, Eastleigh College pushed back against the Ofsted findings – stating: “During, and since inspection the College has raised multiple areas of concern.

“Post inspection the College has sought to follow the published Ofsted complaints procedure but to date has found this not to be fit for purpose.”

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