Man shamed by family for having kid-free wedding

Man shamed by family for having kid-free wedding

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The man decided to ban kids from his upcoming wedding after witnessing the carnage they caused at his sister's ceremony - but members of his family aren't happy

Having children at a wedding can be a point of contention for some couples, as while some people will want the youngsters in their family to be in attendance, others believe weddings run much more smoothly without toddlers causing havoc when they inevitably get bored.

Ultimately, who you do or don't invite to your wedding is entirely your choice, but one man has been slammed by members of his family for deciding to go child-free - including completely banning four families from attending.

The man explained his decision was influenced by the chaos caused at his sister's wedding last year, which was also child-free, but saw four different families completely ignore that rule and bring their little ones with them anyway.


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After his sister's wedding was ruined by "screaming" and her wedding cake was very nearly smashed into the ground, the man vowed his wedding would not be the same - so he chose not to invite the four families who ignored the child-free rule.

In a post on Reddit, he explained: "My sister got married last summer. She had a very elegant and beautiful wedding and reception planned. It was child-free. She sent gracious notes to everyone who sent their regrets and thanked them for understanding her desires for her wedding and respecting them enough to RSVP in the negative.

"I thought it was well-handled and classy.

"Several people did not understand the meaning of 'child-free' and brought their kids anyways. One screamed through the ceremony and the mum would not leave the chapel because she did not want to cause a fuss.

"The worst was the kid that wanted a cupcake off the table the wedding cake was on. He almost tipped the wedding cake onto the floor. My dad saved it but there was a handprint on the lowest tier and a lot of cupcakes hit the floor.

"All in all it was four families that brought uninvited children.

"My wedding invitations just went out over Christmas. We are getting married in May. We did not invite these families to our wedding."

However, the banned families found out about his wedding through Facebook and decided to post to his page publicly demanding an explanation as to why they hadn't been invited.

And although the man tried to settle things privately, they again took their grievances to Facebook, so he decided to get revenge in the best way - by posting proof of their antics at his sister's wedding.

He added: "We have a Facebook group for the wedding for people to share pictures and memories that we might put in the wedding video. They found out about the group and posted to my personal page about being excluded and asking why we are not inviting them.

"I messaged them privately and asked them to take down their posts and explained that my wedding was smaller and I wasn't having as many guests as my sister. They went public again and b*tched about me excluding them for no good reason.

"So I posted the receipts. I posted a video my cousin sent me of the kid crying during the ceremony and the parents doing nothing. The video of the kid freaking out because he had to share trout for supper. The before and after pictures of the wedding cake table. And I also asked if they knew in advance that they were not supposed to bring their kids to the wedding."

Now, the excluded family members are accusing him of "embarrassing them for having children", but he is standing by his decision, insisting it's their fault for not being able to follow rules.

He wrote: "They are all calling me an a**hole for embarrassing them for having children and wanting to be part of family events. I said that they could not understand why rules were in place and that is why they were not invited.

"My uncle posted about how embarrassed he was that his daughter was one of these entitled jerks and offered to pay my sister for the cake that got wrecked. He had been unable to attend and hadn't heard about the cake."

Commenters on the post were firmly on the man's side, with many saying that regardless of anything else, he gets to decide who he invites to his wedding.

One person said: "They publicly complained louder and demanded answers. You gave them answers. They brought this on themselves at every tiny step of the way and you and your sister both showed way more grace than they deserved."

While another added: "They tried to call you out publicly for making a decision about YOUR wedding, and you just met them where they were. They sound horrible, no wonder you don't want them at your wedding."

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