Letters to the Editor: Oct. 28

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 28

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Debate for US Senate

Regarding the Arizona Senate debate: Blake Masters was sure upset with Mark Kelly for voting for more IRS agents. He made mention of this several times and wanted to know why more Border Patrol agents weren’t being hired instead.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend why the previous president defunded the IRS by hundreds of millions of dollars. But now it’s estimated that we lose a trillion dollars a year due to unpaid taxes.

At one point in the debate, Masters looked and pointed straight into the camera and said, The IRS is coming for you. I’m not scared of the IRS, but perhaps it’s reasonable for others to be, given a trillion a year is not collected.

With a trillion more a year we could do a lot of good, including health care for everyone and more and better paid Border Patrol agents.

Dave Gallagher


Arizona Supreme Court election

On the 2022 general election ballot, there are three Arizona Supreme Court justices up for reelection. I ask that you consider voting “no” on your ballot. Supreme Court justices are appointed by the Arizona governor. In 2016, the Republican-controlled Legislature passed a bill and Gov. Doug Ducey signed the bill expanding the Court from five to seven justices. Justices serve for six-year terms. All seven of the current justices were appointed by Republican governors (Brewer and Ducey) and all come from Republican Party affiliations. It is probably a stretch to hope that the three justices on the ballot will be rejected ... but if so, and if Katie Hobbs is elected to the governorship, then we could end up with three justices appointed by a Democrat. So again, I ask that you vote “no” on these three Supreme Court justices (James P. Beene, William G. Montgomery and Ann Scott Timmer).

Randy Garmon

North side

Debate advice for Hobbs

One way to shut down the Kari Lake lies — tell her you’ll debate her on two conditions.

She must admit that there was no significant election fraud in 2020 and that she will concede her loss in 2022.

A Lawrence Glynn

East side

Grocery tax: What?

As a senior homemaker, I would like to point out to those who may not know, that Arizona does not have a grocery tax. There has not been a tax on your groceries, (food/consumables) for several decades. Any tax appearing on a grocery receipt is for non-food items.

It is very misleading of Kari Lake and her campaign to say in their ads that as governor she will do away with a tax on our groceries. I suggest she and her staffers do a better job of researching before placing her non-factual ads.

Annette McPheeters

East side

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, therefore I would like to share some facts and statistics to illustrate the importance of the issue and highlight some ways in which our community can help end domestic violence. Did you know that one in five women and one in seven men in the U.S. experience severe physical violence from an intimate partner? Additionally, data from the U.S. crime reports indicate that about one in five homicide victims are killed by an intimate partner. As a sexual violence prevention graduate associate, I have had the opportunity to work with the Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse and familiarize myself with the resources that they provide. One way in which our community can help end domestic violence is by supporting organizations that are dedicated to preventing domestic violence and supporting its victims. We can do this by donating, hosting fundraisers, or attending community events. I would like to encourage you to check out Emerge’s website and social media accounts to learn more.

Priscila Ledezma


Ian response: Biden vs. Trump

I absolutely shudder to think of how the speed and volume of the federal emergency response to Hurricane Ian would have been under the vengeful presidency of Donald Trump — if a similar catastrophe had beset California, New York or any so called “blue” state. When hate makes your vision myopic, hate is all you’ll get in return.

Rick Rappaport

Oro Valley

Democrats’ one-trick pony

What do Democrats have to run on in the upcoming election? They cannot run on the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that resulted in 13 U.S. service members killed and an innocent family of seven obliterated by our drone strike. A disaster at the border with over 2 million entering illegally this fiscal year, a record number. Disastrous decades-high inflation. A recession caused by their irresponsible spending. The increase in violent crimes across America and progressive district attorneys caring less about victims and more about criminals with “restorative justice” policies. There was one Donald Trump rally on Jan. 6 that turned into a riot. None since! Of course, Democrats can riot, loot, burn, destroy and injure with impunity under the guise of social and racial injustice. No threats there to America. And, of course, Democrats, i.e., Stacey Abrams, Hillary Clinton, and many others are free to call elections of Republicans as illegitimate and be applauded. All Democrats have this election is abortion, the right to terminate a developing human being.

Pamela Newsome

Oro Valley

Vote for Bidenomics?

Per RealClearPolitics, 66% of Americans think the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction and 27% think it’s on the right track, so why vote to continue this trend by electing candidates that support this administration’s policies? Democrats’ policies of the past two years have targeted the climate, climate-related infrastructure outlays, increased transfer payments and student-debt write-offs. These policies led to inflation and higher taxes, and none have boosted U.S. post-pandemic economic potential. These policies fostered inflation, the greatest threat to low- and middle-income Americans. Abortion issues can be/will be resolved by state legislatures or citizen initiatives, not by the U.S. Congress. Defunding of Medicare and Social Security by Republicans is a multigenerational Democratic campaign scare tactic. Money spent on innovation/new inventions will combat long-term climate change more effectively than solar panels, windmills and EVs with their 25-year lifespans.

John Schmitz


Democracy at stake

In less than two years, President Joe Biden’s plan to build America from the bottom up has created 10 million jobs, an unemployment rate of 3.5%, and a federal deficit decrease of $1.4 trillion. The current global inflation and high fuel prices are not Biden’s fault. They are the result of complex market forces and corporate greed.

If given the power, the Republicans promise to take away women’s and non-whites’ rights. They have promised to slash Social Security and Medicare. They want to replace Democracy with a one-party system placing church over state. Donald Trump wants to be our Ayatollah/Vladimir Putin/Kim Jong-un to boost his ego and wealth.

If you are wealthy, congratulations. If you are not rich, the Republicans have proven repeatedly they will not help you.

It is your choice. Please exercise your freedom to vote while you have it. Vote for democracy.

Doug Lucks

Green Valley

Media bias

Re: the Oct. 5 letter “Media bias and the truth.”

The writer of the letter listed several news outlets either biased to the left or right. To the left he listed the NY Times, CNN, AP, Washington Post, Insider and the Guardian. To right, he listed Fox News, the New York Post, National Review and Newsmax. My opinion about this is that other than Fox News, the other news outlets on the right have a much more smaller viewing or reading audience than those listed on the left. And, omitted for being on the left were ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, the LA Times, Politico, Slate, etc. Overwhelmingly a national leftist news bias. Not to mention the majority of local newspapers, i.e., the Arizona Daily Star, and local news stations that are biased to the left. Think about it, for decades journalism classes at colleges and universities have been churning out indoctrinated progressive activists working as journalists. It is astounding that with the Democrat-dominated news media, that any Republican candidate is ever elected.

Christy Daniels


Supply and demand

Re: the Oct. 16 letter “Blue puzzle pieces.”

In reply to the letter writer who claimed that we shouldn’t blame President Joe Biden and Democrats for inflation because it’s due to supply issues in the economy, I beg to differ. The Fed increased the money supply by 41% from Dec. 2019 to Dec. 2021, the largest increase in the money supply in American history. In addition, the Democrats further added to demand with their trillion-dollar bills and giveaways.

Meanwhile, supply was reduced as we suffered two straight quarters of negative economic growth, which is defined as a recession, and gas and electric prices skyrocketed due to the Democrats’ war on fossil fuels. Needless to say, combining all these Biden and Democratic initiatives, inflation has skyrocketed to over 8%, the highest inflation in over 40 years. It’s simply disingenuous to argue that Biden and the Democrats are not directly responsible for our current inflation and economic malaise.

David Pearse


Nothing is more important

There are more important things than the current economic ups and downs, as well as guns, border issues and abortion beliefs. We are all on the verge of losing all of our freedoms in this country, if we vote the election deniers in. The GOP has already said they won’t accept the results, unless they win. In their current thinking the will of the people won’t count. If they get in, we won’t be able to vote them out when we don’t like what they are doing. There are already discussions by this party, that if the GOP wins the House and Senate, they will shut down our government next year, unless Biden dismantles Social Security. This is only the beginning of their plans. None of your reasons for voting for the election deniers is worth losing our country over. We must put our country over personal issues this election to save our democracy.

Elain Geary

East side

Six in 10 Republicans for Trump in 2024

It is an incredibly sad commentary that six of 10 Republicans openly support Donald Trump to run again in 2024. What does it say about the character and moral ethics of these so-called Republicans that they can support a twice-impeached inveterate liar, three-times married womanizer, who openly led an insurrection to overthrow an election he couldn’t admit he lost and who is currently under investigation for other numerous potential criminal offenses?

What would true Republicans like Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan or John McCain be saying today? For example, Republicans crucified divorced Adlai Stevenson when he ran against Dwight Eisenhower. Why can’t more Republicans open their eyes and follow the courage and actions of real conservative Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger and recognize the danger to our democracy by continuing to support the disgraced Trump?

Chuck Cabrera, retired federal employee

Northwest side

Voting is priceless

Retrieving voting ballot from the mailbox, one minute.

Researching candidates and propositions, about 40 minutes.

Finding a black pen and filling out the ballot, 10 minutes.

Signing, sealing and delivering the ballot to a nearby post office box, about 10 minutes.

Early voting by mail, and experiencing the soul-filling joy of voting “no” to every proposition geared to weakening future voting, and to every election-denying candidate, priceless.

Christopher Rodarte


Rite Way is the way to go

My family has owned a property in the Palo Verde Neighborhood since 1968.

A friend nominated me for Rite Way “Feel the Love” program and I won! On Saturday, Oct. 15, a new air conditioner and furnace were installed. Rite Way is the company who did the installation. The owner, supervisor, project manager, install manager and the many workers were professional, knowledgeable, and kind.

Monday, Oct. 17, I had the duct work cleaned. Once again, a professional, knowledgeable, and kind employee of Rite Way did the job.

If you need an AC unit, AC maintenance, or duct cleaning I highly recommend Rite Way.

Feeling blessed!

Anna Lisa Termini