Katie Price branded 'UK's Pamela Anderson' after 'starting Page 3's fake boob trend'

Katie Price branded 'UK's Pamela Anderson' after 'starting Page 3's fake boob trend'

Updated: 2 months, 12 days, 10 hours, 25 minutes, 35 seconds ago

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Katie Price has been dubbed the UK's best glamour model, by fellow Page 3 icon Nicola McLean.

The I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! star, who used to be known as Jordan, is still at the top of the UK's glam list, says her friend.

Both stunning ladies shot to fame after carving out successful modelling careers in their late teens.

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Talking about her pal, Nicola exclusively said: "But I did get a boob job because of Kate, we all did she, was the first one to do it, we all copied her,

"If you look back at old pictures of Jordan, she was unbelievable, no one could touch her for sure.


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"Now. there's trends of big bums and that started from Kim Kardashian, then all the Brit girls done it but Kate deffo started the trend of massive fake boobs.I looked at hers and was like 'that's what I want to do'.

"Kate was up there as the UK's best glamour model, she was untouchable, she was like the British Pamela Anderson.

"She still looks great now but she was number one back then and so many girls looked up to her."

I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!'s Nicola also branded Katie the queen of sexy ITV shower scenes.


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The reality show is known for having sexy celebs grace the freezing jungle shower and in an attempt to put on a stunning display for the cameras.

Nicola, 41, told us: "I'd say Katie Price is the top but that's totally my look. I love her so I'd say Katie Price.

"People go on about Myleene Klass but I like the silicone look, don't I? So I'd say Katie Price and me. Yes, I would I'd say us two had the best.


"I genuinely don't even remember Myleene in there, she got it over me one year and there's no bitterness as she was [definitely] the right choice for them."

During the live chat, one fan also referenced Helen Flanagan as a contender, prompting Nicola to say: "She was a good one too. There has been some absolutely amazing shower scenes but I'm giving it to me and Kate sorry guys."


(Image: ITV / Rex Features)

Nicola also spilled a past fiery clash between her and Katie.

She said: "Yeah are good pals now, we talk a lot... But after I went into the jungle and came out, I heard she called me annoying which frustrated me and I bit back and called her an idiot.

"I don't know where it came from but maybe it was a more territorial thing because she was a glamour model, and I was, she went into the jungle, then I did, she dated a footballer and so did I. So I get it.