Kardashian fans accuse Kim of ‘dragging out her birthday for attention as she posts sexy pics one week after celebration

Kardashian fans accuse Kim of ‘dragging out her birthday for attention as she posts sexy pics one week after celebration

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KARDASHIAN fans have accused Kim of seeking attention with her birthday posts one week after her over-the-top celebration.

The star shared a sexy selection of snaps on Instagram in the outfit she wore to her party.


Kardashian fans have accused Kim of trying to get attention with her birthday posts

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The star's birthday was about a week ago

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Kim, 41, took to Instagram on Wednesday to share some more photos of herself from her special day.

In the first photo in the bunch, she appeared to be leaning against a mirror in a black bra top and sheer white lace gown at her party.

Other photos showed her walking near a luxury car and posing at the celebration with the controversial decor on display.

Fans ripped Kim in the comments, accusing her of trying to get attention.

One critic commented: "Ya birthday was 5 days ago sis it’s a new season."

Another wrote: "Kim we get it, it was your birthday is this your 10th post about it?"

Someone else chimed in: "She does anything for attention."

A fourth hater commented: "your birthday is over its scorpio season now."


Kim isn't the only one still talking about her birthday, however.

Recently, some fans began buzzing about a possible blowout at the party.

Kylie Jenner, 25, shared a live stream of Kim blowing out her birthday candles on her TikTok.

The recording showed party guests cheering and clapping as the flames went out.

The video also revealed a number of attendees, including Kim's mom Kris Jenner, 66, and her boyfriend Corey Gamble, 41, having separate conversations and ignoring the special moment. 

The Kylie Cosmetics founder captured her sister's seemingly annoyed reaction as she whispered something to herself and blew away the remaining smoke.

The clip was reposted by TikToker Jeremy Salas, who captioned the post: "Major Drama At Kim Kardashian's Birthday."

Fans rushed to the video's comment section to give their take on Kim's underwhelming celebration. 

One person wrote: "it's her birthday, people are supposed to be paying attention."

Another fan commented: "People weren’t giving her their undivided attention."

A third commenter agreed, exclaiming "THEY WERENT EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO HER!"

Meanwhile, a fourth fan added: "She just looks sad."

Others found the situation to be comical, with one person saying they were "shocked that Kris wasn’t even recording."

They continued, "She’s probably texting Kylie to reveal her son's name ASAP," punctuated by several laughing emoji. 

A second fan joked: "She was probably blowing the candles [for] the 12929 the time just to get a good picture."


It wasn't all drama in discussions about the birthday bash, however.

Kardashian fans also had a laugh at Kim and Kylie's expense after momager Kris took a major dig at the sibling duo.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum shared a candid snap from Kim's over-the-top and highly criticized birthday party, cracking a hilarious joke in the caption.

On Tuesday, Kris threw major shade at both Kim and Kylie with her post.

She posed in a sparkly long-sleeve gown and large diamond earrings.

She stood behind her daughters, who were seated at a table deep in conversation.

Kris captioned the post: "When they both think they're the favorite..."

Fans, as well as members of the Kardashian family, appeared absolutely shocked by the joke.

The Skims mogul commented with two skulls and crossbones emojis, while Khloe Kardashian, 38, posted several coffin emojis.

Simon Huck, a friend of the famous family, commented, "Caption," and added a headstone emoji.

Fans also shared their reactions to the joke, even weighing in on who they think the favorite child may be.

One user wrote: "And it's Rob."

A second commented: "Caption Queen, but we all know it's actually Khloe."

Another fan agreed: "It's Khloe, just say it."

Someone else asked: "Who's the favorite Kris? Come on, tell us."

A fifth fan chimed in: "Yeah, but it's Kylie."

Another commenter agreed, writing: "Kylie is definitely the fav."


Kris Jenner shared a photo from the party to crack a joke about her kids

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Kim's party was highly criticized by outsiders for its decor and more

Credit: INSTAGRAM/kimkardashian


The entire family, plus a slew of friends, were in attendance

Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram