Harry Styles in Colombia: step by step of the concert at the Colosseum Live

Harry Styles in Colombia: step by step of the concert at the Colosseum Live

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After a long wait, Harry Styles fans in Bogotá managed to see the British artist at the Coliseo Live. Many people came to the capital from all over the country and Latin America to see this pop star. From Villavicencio, passing through Leticia, Quitó and even Bolivia.

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from very early, many of the attendees came to line up to be able to get the best location. And no wonder, since the concert was initially scheduled for October 19, 2020, at the Movistar Arena, but it had to be postponed due to the covid-19 health emergency.

The presentation was rescheduled for Sunday, November 27 at the Salitre Mágico park, but due to the inconveniences that arose there during the Dua Lipa concert, they changed the venue.

Minute by minute

11:14 pm Fainting continues at the end of the concert. People without air and asking for water.

Fainting at Harry Styles concert.

“I learned about salsa, Joe Arroyo and aguardiente.” Harry wows the crowd with these words.

10:05 pm The Harry Styles concert was stopped for a few minutes because there were people in the Platinum area who were unable to breathe, and there were also technical failures.

The singer asked the concert attendees to take a few steps back so that the people who are in the area closest to the security fences could receive more air.

There are people minimizing the matter, without feeling what the people inside the pile are feeling. And it is not generating panic, it is what is happening and you have to talk about it to avoid it on future occasions. pic.twitter.com/30P6hvZI9Q

— Laura Camila Vargas (@LauraCVargas96) November 28, 2022

9:15 pm After singing hits from Binomio de Oro such as ‘Sin Medir Distancias’ and ‘Rebelión’ by Joe Arroyo, Harry Styles arrived on stage and the audience could not contain their excitement.

8:30 pm A riot of reggae flavors and rhythms has brought Jamaican Koffee to the Colosseum Live. The public did not disappoint the singer, as he was always cheering her and turning on her lanterns from the stands.

6:00 pm Platea is 80 percent full. There have been several fainting among the attendees who are in the front row.

Harry Styles concert at the Colosseum Live.

5:15 pm Little by little the Colosseum Live fills up with Harry Styles fans. The entrance in the different localities is agile. Despite the fact that the stands are still empty, the Platea is 50% full of attendees.


The first attendees are already located in front of the stage. The lines flow now that they also gave entry to stands.

In less than 5 hours, Harry will be out. 🤯 pic.twitter.com/kDnI82ZREe

— luchodario (@luchodariok) November 27, 2022

4:41 p.m. m. Arriving at the Guaduas Bridge Traffic begins to be affected by the number of cars and buses heading to the Live Coliseum.

3:00 pm The doors of the Coliseo Live open for the box office and Platinum Early Entrance. It is expected that the other people will be able to enter at 6 pm

“The atmosphere is happy. People have sung to the music and there are several attendees with feather boas, pink cowboy hats and pants in colors very consistent with what Harry wears,” said one of the attendees.

The guest artist, the Jamaican singer and rapper Koffee, will begin her presentation at 7:40 pm, and at 9 pm Harry Styles will take the stage.

How to get?

Those who are still planning their trip to the Colosseum Live can use the public transport of the city or also they can access the bus service that costs between 25,000 and 35,000 pesosThe departure and arrival points for the buses are Carulla Alhambra, in the Smartfit City Parking in the Cedritos neighborhood, and in the Maloka parking lot.

There is also a van with a capacity for 14 people for a value of 650,000 pesos each, and white cars with door-to-door service at 125,000 pesos, exclusively for the departure of the concert.

Those who decide to go by car to the Live Coliseum will have a fee of 30,000 pesos for cars and 20,000 pesos for motorcycles in authorized parking lots. Due to the congestion that usually occurs at that point in the city, there will be road support on Calle 80 from the Guadua Bridge to minimize congestion in the road corridor.