Happy Valley fans 'work out' how Tommy Lee Royce got Ryan's username

Happy Valley fans 'work out' how Tommy Lee Royce got Ryan's username

Updated: 1 month, 17 days, 20 hours, 59 minutes, 31 seconds ago

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Viewers of popular BBC show Happy Valley think they have worked out who gave Tommy Lee Royce his son's gaming tag.

With only one more episode to go, speculation of how series three will end is rife. Sunday's finale will see some of the most pressing questions answered and a showdown is expected between Sergeant Catherine Cawood and evil Tommy Lee Royce.

Fans have tried hard to work out which plot twists or shocking revelations writer Sally Wainwright could have in store for us. One theory is based on a scene which featured in the latest episode and saw Tommy Lee Royce contact his son Ryan Cawood while he was in hiding.

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The killer reached out to him via a chat on a game console with Ryan wondering how he had found him. Tommy Lee Royce claimed he remembered his username from "ages ago" but Ryan didn't seem to recall sharing this information with him.

The exchange left viewers speculating who truly gave him Ryan's gaming tag. They believe it could have been his great-auntie's boyfriend Neil Ackroyd, the Mirror reports.

Tommy Lee Royce contacted his son Ryan whilst in hiding

(Image: BBC)

One person tweeted: "I bet Neil gave Tommy Ryan's gaming handle. I'm convinced he has more to do with it."

Another wrote: "Might Tommy have been able to contact Ryan via the game because it was Neil who shared his ID? Ryan didn't recall sharing that info with him."

A third commented: "Tommy said he'd memorised Ryan's gamer tag but did Neil give it him?" In response, one viewer said: "Good pick up! Ryan seemed sure that he hadn't given it to him."

Another reacted to the theory by tweeting: "Ooh, this is a good theory [...] Maybe Neil has got some connection to Tommy?!" Some fans think this might be the case.

Fans previously shared their suspicions about Neil with some fans convinced he could be Tommy Lee's father. One tweeted recently: "Anyone else thinking Neil is Tommy's dad?"

"Got a horrible feeling Neil is Tommy Lee Royce's dad. [...] Would explain why he was taking Ryan to see him," said another. A third wrote: "Still convinced Neil is Tommy's dad".

The theory is supported by the fact that Neil was more than happy to take Ryan to Sheffield to visit his dad in prison behind Catherine's back. It could also explain his chance encounter with Catherine's sister, Clare Cartwright, which has led to him becoming part of Ryan's family.

One viewer said: "Neil bumping into Claire (sic) in the earlier series was definitely orchestrated". Another similarly questioned whether the character had "targeted" Claire (sic).

Another wrote: "I've never trusted his intentions. There's got to be a big plot twist somewhere with him encouraging Ryan to see his dad in prison."

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Happy Valley's final episode will air on Sunday, February 5 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from 9pm.

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