Elizabeth's Top 10 2022

Elizabeth's Top 10 2022

Updated: 3 months, 2 days, 11 hours, 36 minutes, 52 seconds ago

As always, my top 10 of the year is probably unlike any of the other reviews you’ll see these days on the web.

There are, of course, essentials, such as The Banshees of Inisherin, Everything Everywhere All at Once or even The Woman Kingbut I try to offer more accessible works, good films to be enjoyed without fear of subsequent depression.

Have I managed to move away from the paths beaten by the intellectuals of the cinema? I hope.

Here is my very humble top 10 of 2022:

10. BROS

Movie poster Bros -Universal Pictures

You will see the romantic comedy BROS in very few charts of the best films of the year, but the wind of freshness that it brought to the world of cinema in 2022 entitles it to its place in my top 10. There are these films, without pretension , which only do good and should not be completely ignored in favor of Oscar-worthy masterpieces. We recommend you BROSS, the first gay romantic comedy produced by a major studio, if your heart is in need of love and a dash of scathing humor.

Watch BROS on video on demand ($6.99) on most platforms.

9. The Northman

Movie poster The Northman -Universal Pictures

Of frightening violence and brutality, The Northman yet hides an astonishing beauty. The flawless realization of Robert Eggers overthrows the moviegoer to the point of taking his breath away. Excessive, bestial, uninhibited, the feature film starring Alexander Skarsgard in the role of a Nordic prince hit hard in the cinematography of the beginning of the year 2022 and deserves to be remembered for its ferocity in this time. retrospectives.

Watch The Northman on video on demand ($6.99) on most platforms. The film will be available to Crave subscribers on January 6.

8. Don’t Worry Darling

Movie poster Don’t Worry Darling

– Warner Bros.

Many things have been said about Don’t Worry Darling, and it was rarely good things. Despite everything, I admit to having been caught up in this psychological suspense to the point of allocating it a place among my favorite films of 2022. Not to mention a “great film” in the pompous sense of the term, the Don’t Worry Darling by Olivia Wilde offers a compelling plot and cinematography elegant enough to cultivate interest. A movie can surprise us even if it gets a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Don’t Worry Darling is proof of that.

Watch Don’t Worry Darling on Crave and on video on demand ($6.99) on most platforms.

7. Nope

Movie poster well no -Universal Pictures

Jordan Peele has distinguished himself in recent years as one of Hollywood’s most promising directors. His most recent feature film, Boop, is breathless, often disconcerting and visually stunning. Perhaps not up to its unclassifiable Get Out, the science fiction film offers a universe full of symbolic objects and spiritual representations. You will be at the end of your seat from start to finish, eager to discover the conclusion of this epic alien.

Watch Boop on video on demand ($6.99) on most platforms.

6. The Banshees of Inisherin

Movie poster The Banshees of Inisherin – Fox Searchlight

The Banshees of Inisherin does not marry any genre in particular, even that it is quite difficult to describe. It is a dark dramatic comedy, between reality and fable, which saddens, disturbs and amuses. Skillfully written and directed by Martin McDonagh, it features prodigious acting performances, with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson in the foreground. Here, friendship is a dish best served cold…

Watch The Banshees of Inisherin on Disney+ and on video on demand ($6.99) on most platformss.

5. The Woman King

Movie poster The Woman King -Sony Pictures

Watching the trailer for The Woman King, it feels like we’ve seen this war movie a hundred times, but it surprises us at every turn. This is one of the cinematographic “events” of the year. It features the perfect blend of action and emotion, embellished by remarkable female performances. Viola Davis captivates to the point where she risks being nominated as “Best Actress” at the Oscars. The Woman King gives arms to women and makes them shine in a formidable way.

Watch The Woman King on video on demand ($6.99) on most platformss.

4. She Said

Movie poster She Said -Universal Pictures Canada

There are journalistic investigations that can become exciting thrillers when brought to the screen. This is the case of that on Harvey Weinstein led by Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor from New York Times. The two brilliant journalists had collected a series of disturbing testimonies against the powerful producer, but few of the victims had the courage to speak openly. They had to find the arguments to convince them and thus knock the aggressor off his feet. A powerful, engaging true story that deserves a strong film like this.

Watch She Said in theaters or for rental on Amazon Prime ($24.99).

3. Everything Everywhere All at Once

Movie poster Everything Everywhere All at Once – A24

This film is rubbish, but it’s also insanely good. It’s one of the standout works of 2022 because it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. The script, very original, transports you in all directions, so much so that it becomes exhausting (in a surprisingly positive way). The stellar performances of the actors also contribute to this UFO of the seventh art reaching its target, namely the top of the various charts of the best films of the year.

Watch Everything Everywhere All at Once on video on demand ($6.99) on most platformss.

2. The Menu

Movie poster The Menu – Fox Searchlight Pictures

horror suspense claustrophobic, The Menu stands out with its unique bouquet. Garnished with a particularly spicy societal spice and a humorous sour sauce, it impresses guests with the elegance of its mise en place and the rigor of its service. Chef Ralph Fiennes masters his art in a disconcerting way. The crowning glory of his feast will leave you speechless.

Watch The Menu in theaters and on Disney+ from January 4.

1. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Movie poster Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery -Netflix

The sequel to Knives Out is even better than the original. Funny, quirky, ingenious and captivating, the new film is, in my humble opinion, the best entertainment of the year. Daniel Craig borders on perfection in this out-of-phase detective role, a caricature of the Hercule Poirot of this world. He is accompanied on screen by an arsenal of remarkable actors who all play zany characters, themselves satires of crime suspects. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will make you laugh out loud and surprise you at every turn!

Watch Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery on Netflix.