Coronation Street spoilers: Tyrone attacks Nick over Hope Stape bombshell

Coronation Street spoilers: Tyrone attacks Nick over Hope Stape bombshell

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TENSION is running high in Weatherfield next week when Fiz Stape's past with serial killer John Stape hits the headlines.

Tyrone Dobbs soon becomes enraged and confronts Nick Tilsley the only way Coronation Street residents know how and attacks him.


Tyrone Dobbs attacks Nick Tilsley next week in Coronation Street

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He's furious after finding Fiz crying at home

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Nick Tilsley bans his son Sam from having any contact with Hope Stape

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But one of Sam's secrets comes to light

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But what could possibly lead the mechanic played by Alan Halsall to strike?

When the Bistro owner, known as Ben Price off-screen, reveals he'd appreciate it if Hope Stape stayed away from his son Sam, Fiz (portrayed by Jennie McAlpine) is devastated.

Tyrone returns home to find her in tears and she tells him that Nick has banned Sam from seeing Hope.

An infuriated Tyrone sees red and calls at Nick and Leanne's flat.

When the restaurateur opens the door, he gets introduced to Tyrone's fist as the mechanic punches him hard.

This results in Nick taking extreme measures to prevent Sam from being in contact with the Stape family.

He orders Jude Riordan's character to hand over his walkie talkie, which he regularly used to communicate with Hope from the comfort of his home.

Sam is to have no further contact with Hope but Leanne Battersby also decides to take a stand after Nick is assaulted.

She calls at No.9 and tears a strip off Tyrone for punching her partner.

When she finds out what Tyrone has done, Fiz turns on him and points out that his irrational behaviour has cost Hope her friendship with Sam.

In later scenes, Sam bumps into Hope in the school corridor and tells her how Tyrone punched his father.

But a volatile Hope uses this and makes the conflict worse by revealing Sam isn't the golden boy he makes himself out to be.

Fiz drops a bombshell on Nick - according to her daughter, Sam is still writing letters to Harvey Gaskell, despite assuring he would stop.

Nick is fuming and confronts Sam for lying to him.


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Prior to this, Nick reads all about Fiz Stape's past with her late husband John, one of the deadliest serial killers in the cobbles who also happens to be Hope's father.

It becomes clear that Hope, who has been chatting to a mystery pal online under the name of Mad Dog, was actually tricked by a journalist to give information about her family.

Desperate upon finding her story in the Gazette and knowing a book will ensue, Fiz enlists the help of local solicitor Adam Barlow.

While they may not be able to stop the publication of the book about John Stape, Adam reassures Fiz by telling her they might be able to take out a privacy injunction against the journalist who duped Hope.

But will Tyrone get any repercussions for punching Nick?

Can they work their differences out?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.


Fiz and Tyrone are horrified when they learn a book about John Stape could see the light of day

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This prompts Nick to put an end to Sam's friendship with Hope

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