Apple Could Skip Watch 9 and Go Straight to Watch X: Device to Run on watchOS 10

Apple Could Skip Watch 9 and Go Straight to Watch X: Device to Run on watchOS 10

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Apple is getting ready to make an exciting announcement. The tech giant will soon release its next-generation smartwatch, the Apple Watch X. Rumours suggest that this watch will hit the market as soon as 2023. 

Apple Watch X Could Launch as Early as 2023

The tech world was excited when Apple released the Watch 8 lineup last September. But now, the Cupertino-based company has a new model in the works. Instead of the Apple Watch 9, the brand is said to be releasing the Apple Watch X.

The much-awaited Apple Watch X from the Cupertino-based brand is set to be released as early as 2023, as further reported in an article by iPhoneSoft, according to insider sources from Apple's chain supplier, Luxshare. Though the Apple Watch Series has not been as popular as other products from this renowned brand, it remains one of the leading smartwatches in the current market.

Apple Watch 8 Failed to Gain as Much Popularity as Other Watches

Apple is known for pushing tech boundaries and its iconic iPhones, Pads, and Macs, but the company is now shifting its focus to its ever-successful line of smartwatches with the release of its Apple Watch X. The Apple Watch has been at the forefront of the smartwatch industry. 

According to the story by Giz China, the brand's most recent model, the Watch 8, has not been as popular as some other Apple watches. Nonetheless, Apple is still at the top of its game by skipping the expected Apple Watch 9 to name its new model, the Apple Watch X. 

Possible Reason Why Apple has Decided to Skip the Watch 9

This omission is likely due to Chinese customers' bad cultural association with the number 9. The same has been seen before in the release of Microsoft's Windows 10 instead of Windows 9 and the introduction of the iPhone X simultaneously, which could be Apple's '10th anniversary per Mac Rumors. 

Nevertheless, the new Apple Watch X is expected to be released as early as 2023 and runs on watchOS 10. With its new design and features, the watch is expected to stay ahead of the trend. It's rumored to come with a microLED display, a blood sugar tracking sensor, and a flat display with a flat-edge design. 

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Apple Watch X Could Run on watchOS 10

The Apple Watch X will reportedly run on watchOS 10 and feature a redesigned look. It will receive a microLED display, a blood sugar tracking sensor, a flat display, and the long-rumored, flat-edge design seen in the Watch Ultra.

This innovation resembles the Watch Ultra while having a smaller form factor. The future looks exciting for Apple's smartwatches with the rumored Apple Watch X, and the device will make a splash when it hits the shelves in the coming years. 

Apple is continuing to take the lead in smartwatch innovation, and with its robust features and sleek design, the Apple Watch X is sure to impress as the next must-have tech device.

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