Alison Hammond 'stressed' as fans beg her to host Strictly amid Claudia 'connection'

Alison Hammond 'stressed' as fans beg her to host Strictly amid Claudia 'connection'

Updated: 2 months, 25 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes, 42 seconds ago

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Alison Hammond made a surprise appearance on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night (November 5), and now a body language expert and celebrity psychic has revealed that she appeared "stressed".

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, psychic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman has revealed that she believes Alison looked a little "stressed" because she was "keen to do well" amid calls for her to be a permanent fixture.

Inbaal also spoke of a "connection" between Alison and host Claudia Winkleman, which could bode well if fans get their wish with Alison taking on a Strictly job in the future.

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"Alison is known as a genuine and authentic person and entertainer, and her body language doesn't disappoint," Inbaal told Daily Star.


(Image: BBC)

"She uses big, sweeping gestures, and talks with her hands constantly, which show that her epic personality isn't just for show, she is who she is, and is not afraid to show it."

Speaking of her "connection" with Claudia, she revealed: "Her little cuddles with presenter Claudia are sincere.

"They giggle at each other's words and touch hands in a way that shows true affection, not a showbiz display for the camera.

"Her smile is authentic and touches every part of her face, she won't feign happiness, it is there for real."

But despite the glowing analysis, Inbaal also reveals that Alison appears to be "a little stressed in the moment".


(Image: Inbaal Honigman)

"First are her unblinking eyes as she reads the T&Cs," she reveals.

"She doesn't want to get things wrong and is so determined to get it right, that she's not giving her eyes a chance to blink.

"This shows that she's not taking this job for granted and is keen to do well."

She also revealed another thing that hints at Alison feeling "pressure".

Inbaal addressed a "pinching gesture" that Alison does with her hands.

"Most of her hand gestures are candid and generous, open and welcoming, with warm, open palms facing upwards, but for a split second she does a pinching movement with both hands, that appears as if she's trying to calm herself for a second," Inbaal revealed.


(Image: BBC)

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"A gesture that says 'relax, Alison, don't trip up'. She may be overexcited or may be a little fearful - the two emotions are very similar," she concluded.

This comes after Alison appeared on the BBC dancing competition eight years after competing on the show herself.

Surprising viewers with her exciting appearance, Alison wore a glitzy purple dress from her stint on the show and looked incredibly glam as she read out the terms and conditions for voters.

Fans were quick to call for the This Morning star to become a permanent fixture on Strictly Come Dancing, with many taking to Twitter to demand a shake-up.

She even took to Instagram afterwards and said: "It felt like I was coming home."

Would you like to see Alison return to Strictly as a host or anchor? Let us know in the comments below.