Aldi customer stuck in 83,000 people queue for air fryer

Aldi customer stuck in 83,000 people queue for air fryer

Updated: 4 months, 25 days, 2 hours, 24 minutes, 38 seconds ago

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Frustrated customers have hit out at budget supermarket Aldi after their website and app crashed. Many people woke up early on Sunday (November 6) in the hopes of bagging a low-cost dupe of the Ninja air fryer. The Aldi dupe costs £89.99, whereas as Ninja is £230, reports the MEN.

This comes to a saving of £140. The air fryer was meant to go live on Aldi's website a 8am on Sunday. However, after many shoppers who woke up early in the hopes of bagging one of the cheap Ninja air fryer dupes, were left bitterly disappointed.

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The website and app both crashed at 8am, meaning people were unable to buy the sought after kitchen gadgets. Aldi's Dual Basket Air Fryer comes with seven pre-set programs, plus functions to reheat, defrost, keep warm and sync. It also features a touch screen with a 60-minute timer and two four-litre cooking baskets.

One of our reporters was finally able to load the Aldi website at 9.20am, when they were placed number 82,972 in the queue. And that's after a couple of hours of trying to load it.

On social media, shoppers hit out at Aldi. Many people felt cheated after not being able to purchase one of the budget air fryers.

@robdolphin66 tweeted: "@AldiUKLooks like you were just on a mission to wind up a lot of people. Get them up before 8am on a Sunday and neither site nor app work. Schrodinger's air fryer? #useless #noliein #WebsiteTraffic."

@MattWilkoo said: "This dual air fryer on Aldi is harder to get than Glasto tickets." @Laney338 said: "Any other mad man been up since 8 trying to get one of the new @AldiUK airfryers’?"

@shadyDwilkinson replied: "Me! Woke up at 7:50 on my day off, might as well have not bothered!!! Site crashed at 8am sharp. @megaanalice_x said: "Never thought I’d see the @AldiUK website crash due to a load of nutters trying to buy an air fryer, but I guess I’ve found my people."

@PresenterEmily said: "I am one of the disappointed peeps who set their alarm for 7:50am on a Sunday to grab your air fryer. Why oh why were you not prepared for this. I was I the Adele concert tour queue way easier!"

@Heres_Leah wrote: "Am I one of those people waiting to buy an air fryer from @AldiUK Yes. Why coz some of us can't afford £200 on a ninja and this is a budget friendly option. Aldi please sort your site."

@Chaarlottee_C said: "I’m the mug who tried to buy an @AldiUK air fryer at 8am. Hate myself for feeling disappointed I didn’t get one haha." ckm1974 questioned: "Makes you think did @AldiUK ever have the air fryer in stock????"

@michelereilly07 moaned: "@AldiUKhas website and app crashed been sitting since 7am to get air fryer soon 8am comes everything down."@pepsi_maxie slammed: "@AldiUK been up since 6am to wait for the airfryer and the site crashed."

A notification on the Aldi website said the air fryer is 'coming soon'. The air fryers will be in stock in Aldi supermarkets next Sunday (November 13) - but it looks like it may be difficult to get one.

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