Akshata Murty: Meet di wife of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Akshata Murty: Meet di wife of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

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Meet Akshata Murty di wife of UK Prime Minister Rishi SunakRishi Sunak and Akshata Murty

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Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty

44 minutes wey don pass

Rishi Sunak rise to power don attract attention for India - and no be just because e be di first British Asian prime minister.

Im wife Akshata Murty na di daughter of Indian billionaire Narayana Murthy, one of di kontri best known businessmen wey many pipo dey see as India Bill Gates.

She be heiress to her papa money wey worth billions.

Ms Murty bin come under di spotlight wen tori comot early dis year say she hold non-domiciled status, dis one mean say she no go need to pay any tax on money she dey make from outside di UK.

She later agree to pay UK taxes on her worldwide income.

Akshata Murty: ProfileAkshata Murty

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Akshata Murty

Even wit her family plenti money, Ms Murty come from more humble beginnings.

Inside one letter to im daughter, wey dey published for one 2013 compilation, her father tok of how e hear di news of her birth for Hubli for April 1980 from one of im colleague because di family no fit afford telephone.

"Me and your mama we dey young dat time and dey stuggle to find our feet for our careers," e write.

Wen she be just few months old, dem send Ms Murty to go live wit her paternal grandparents as her mother, Sudha Murty, and her father advance dia careers for Mumbai.

One year later, Mr Murthy co-found Infosys, one IT services company wey go make am become one of India richest individuals.

Ms Murty high-achieving parents bin make education and hard work be di focus for dia two children.

Oga Murthy say dem no get TV for dia house so dat time go dey for "tins like studying, reading, discussions and meeting friends".

She study economics and French for private liberal Claremont McKenna College for California. Ms Murty get diploma for one fashion college. She later work for Deloitte and Unilever and study for MBA for Stanford University.

Na for di university she meet Sunak.

Di couple marry for 2009 and dem get two daughters.

Akshata Murty: Career and worthAkshataMurty wit Rishi Sunak parents for one leadership hustings for August

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Ms Murty wit her husband parents during di summer Conservative leadership race

Di 42-year-old begin her career for finance for California before she start her own fashion label, Akshata Designs, wey launch im first collection for 2011. She tell Vogue India she bin work wit artists for remote Indian villages to create her designs, wey dey about "authenticity, craftsmanship and protecting rich heritage".

Di Guardian bin report say di business collapse within three years.

One of her main business interests na di London-based offshoot of Catamaran Ventures, wey she and her husband do for 2013 to invest for start-ups.

On Companies House, Ms Murty dey listed as director of Digme Fitness, one pay-as-you-go gym chain.

Dem put di company into administration for February dis year afta revenues drop during di Covid-19 pandemic, even though dem collect furlough funds.

Ms Murty's LinkedIn profile also identify her as director of New & Lingwood, wey dey sell high-end menswear.

She get 0.9% stake for Infosys, according to di company latest annual report, wey dey estimated to worth about £700m.

Her shares for di company bin become subject of controversy afta Russia invade Ukraine, wen di firm dey under pressure to stop dia operations for Moscow. For April, dem tell the BBC say Infosys go close dia office for Russia.

Di couple huge wealth don lead to some question weda Mr Sunak understand how ordinary pipo dey survive particularly as cost-of-living dey very high now.

For di past, some prime ministerial spouses, including Theresa May husband Philip May keep low profile.

Odas like human rights lawyer Cherie Blair, wey continue her high-flying job afta her husband Tony entered No 10, attract much more attention. Mrs Blair dey often make headlines stories in her own right for her charity work and book contracts.

So far, Ms Murty no be like pesin wey dey find media spotlight but instead recent controversies don drag her into media.

However, her husband promotion to di top job for British politics mean say di way pipo go begin chook eye for Ms Murty mata go increase.